Whats up people, its your boy Rick Nasty, i just started this blog page, so bare with me if i fuck up a little lol. Nah, today's topic is "Amateur Porn Game" , I know most of yall dont know who the hell I'am , or if you do know me, your saying, this nigger just got in the game, so what the fuck could he possibly be talking about?
   Well, i been in this game for almost 2 years now. I have learned and seen a lot. But let me break down on how i got in the game. At first me and my Uncle Horny Hal from www.hornyhalshouse.com was working together, basically he was pimping me lol. This dude actually had me believing we was going to start a company together , and be a real force in the game, but I should have known something was wrong when he told me the name of the website was Hornyhalshouse.com lol. But me being dumb and thinking that he had my best intrest in mind, i kept on with it, recruiting girls, doing research, giving him ideas, etc... Then one day I realized that , I was so busy helping this motha fucka, that i wasn't making any progress, and I wasn't making any money, and that shit started to eat at me.
   So when I told this fool how i felt , the nigga told me, "your vision is diffrent  from mine, so you should do your own thing"
Now mind you, he said all this hot shit over the phone, because if we would have been face to face.....Lets just say I would have been back in jail. So after hearing that shit, I decided that from then on, I would never let another nigga family or not, skull fuck me. So the very next day, I sat down and came up with a plan about starting my own website, for the life of me I couldn't come up with a name, then finally the name nastynyamateurs.com came to mind. This was around September 2008.  I bought the domain name from servage.net , they aint the best hosting company, but fuck it, they get the job done lol. At this time on some real shit, I had about less than a grand to my name, no job, a 1 year old son , a refurbished dell computer that my homie had stolen, and about 5 scenes of some low buget shit i shot in my house lol. So to say the lease, I WAS FUCKED UP!!!!!
   Anyway i was determined to make this site into something, please keep in mind that i knew nothing about web building, web design, html, scripts, and i still dont lol, but i had one thing that you cant learn on no message board, or in no book, and that was determination. I was determined to make something happen, and thats just what i did. I downloaded a free website builder from servage and got to work. The very first design was shitty, i mean it was horrible , fubar, fucked up beyond all recognition. But you couldn't tell me shit, i was wheeling and dealing jack. Then it was time to edit the videos lol, now this was some funny shit , i knew nothing about ftp, or how to upload the videos, but somehow i figured that shit out. Now it was time to launch the site, and guess what the fuck happens next ? The bum ass computer crashes on me, oh fuck.

    The people at the computer shop told me that they couldnt fix the damn thing, so i had to ask a few people for money to get a new laptop. i bought me a cheap acer, that I still use now. lol
   Well, now the site is complete, the members area is built, all the videos are uploaded, now all i have to do is link the pages together lol. Yo, on some real shit, i think this was the hardest thing i had to do in the whole entire process of building my site. It literally took me 5 days to figure out how to link pages. I went on every message board know to man, and these fools kept giving me the run around, until somebody pointed out to me that i had the periods in the wrong spot, and that i had a word spelled wrong , un fucking believeable, all this time wasted because i couldnt spell  lol. Well, after getting the dislexia out of my system, i linked all of the pages and was ready to fuck with ccbill. Ccbill is the billing company that a lot of websites use, what they do is password protect your members area, and when people sign up , they give them a special code to enter the members area ,and of course they take a piece of the money for there services.  Now the only fucked up thing about ccbill is that they want you to pay $750.00 for members to sign up with a visa card , fuck!!!!, Now i just told ya'll i was fucked up in the game, now here comes punk ass ccbill telling me i cant use visa unless i pay them $750.00. Well, one thing i have learned in life and in this game, is that there is always another way to get shit done. So after some research, i found my savior in the name of VEROTEL. VEROTEL is another widely used billing company, that offers a program called Tickets Club, and they do
the same shit ccbill does, but they give you visa for free, hell yeah!!!!
   So i signed up for that shit asap. And somehow ,some way, people actually started joining this damn frankenstein of a website i had put togehter. So i thought i was good. But i wasnt. Now at this time, i didnt have a bank account or a company , so this forced verotel to send me a check. The first check was for about $200.00. The check comes in the mail and i was hype, i run to the check cashing place and they look at me like iam a fucking alien. They tell me they cant cash checks from out side the country. Wow, i didnt realize that verotel was a company based in the Netherlands. Fuck. Now I had to get intouch with them and tell them to stop sending checks , now I had to get a bank account.

   So over the next few days i had that bank account open and i was ready to get my money. Now didnt i say i told the people at verotel to stop sending checks, but guess what they do....sent me another check lol. Unreal, i just couldt catch a break man. But the upside was, i was doing my own thing. No matter if i failed, I still built something and nobody could deny or take that away from me. So i was proud of that.
   Well the site was up, and the next thing was to get traffic, now this is a tricky topic, because no matter what people tell you about how to get it, there is no sure way. I perosnally think it happens over time. But what the fuck do i know. Anyway, I kept the site pushing as best as i could , but it wasnt enough money to life off of , so i went and got a job. Then one day i was on rude.com and i seen Mike Dirty. Now let me tell you a bit about this dude. Years ago i use to watch his dvd's , Ghetto Flicks, Hiden Cam joints and a few other titles I cant remember. They use to bootleg his shit up and down 125th street. I always admired his work, and for years i thought he had a website , but i could never find it. Anyway, i sent Mike  a message on rude and he got right back at me, we exchanged numbers and he started to tell me how he wanted a website like mine, and i told him how to go about doing that ,  Then he said he liked my site , i think he was just trying to be nice lol, but it was cool. I asked Mike what ever happend to his dvds, and he told me about a certain store that he sold his dvds at, and that i should fuck with  the store also. Well, my pride wouldnt allow me to tell Mike that i didnt have a dvd burner, so i couldnt get a dvd made. But without me saying any of that he was like "yo , come to the crib and i will burn the first 100 copies for you, all you got to do is buy the material" I couldn turn that shit down. So i went to Mike's house and we got to work. I learned a alot from Mike that day, he put me up on some real game, still does. Once the first 100 copies was made, i was on my way, i took them shits to the store and the dude bought all 100 of them  at $6.00 a dvd, so i made $600.00 CASH MONEY. With that $600.00 i went and bought me a dvd burner , for $380.00 , and kept the rest of the bread for my pockets lol. Well, my first few dvds where flops , because i didnt know shit about designing dvd covers , but over time i learned and the sales got better. Mike created his first website www.rawblackvideos.com , then came www.hoodhoez.com . during that time i created my second and third website, the second being www.urbanamateurs.net , and the third being www.jawjackers.net, all within a year. It took a lot of hard work and dedication. And i'aint ballin or nothing like that, but it feels good to have your own shit , and to know that you built something from your own blood, sweat and tears. I often ask a few o.g's in the game i know, like Mike Dirty, Fat Mack, John Juan ,and Trashman, "do you think just  anybody can do this porn shit?" i know what there answers are, but what do you think?

                                                                                                                           RICK NASTY JUNE 2010
THE WRITE UP is from 2010 , here is a link to a podcast i did receently, so you can hear what has been going on lately. Thanks for stopping by.