Q and A WithKen aka Big baby

1. Ken, whats good homie, first let me say thanks for doing this interview with me, and respect to what you are doing in the business. So lets start by telling the people where you are from, what your age and nationality, and how did you get in the business and how long has it been since you been in the business??

I am a 37 year old black male from West Palm Beach Florida. I have been in the business for about a year and a half. How I got into the business I have been filming the women I have been with sexually for years. I looked at the videos and liked it and showed others who liked it and even offered me money to have a copy so I decided to create the business so that others who like my style of porn may enjoy.

2. So since you been in the business, how many scenes have you shot? What have you learned in time you have been in the business, good and bad??

I have shot about 25 scenes since I started. What I have learned is all models are different. What I have learn is let the model show your her skills sometimes I have an idea of what I think a model will be best at but she may be very good at something else.

3. Who or what inspires you to stay in the business, and what are your short term goals??

Producers like yourself, MikeDirty and Freaky Henry were producers that inspired me. I think in porn through the years the types of women have changed like big breast, big butt BBW etc. But when it comes to the male they look the same. Always a thin male with a six pack. I am just trying to show big males can do it too.

4. Who is the best model you ever worked with, so far???and why

I have enjoyed most of the models I have worked with but if I had to pick one it would be
Selah Rainxxx. Because of her great bj. She pulled the nut out of the dick.

5. Are you the only male talent on your team?? Are you going to hire other guys eventually??

At this time I am the only male in my videos. I would like to have another big male to do    
videos with but that is easier said than done.

6. What kind of camera do you use to film with???

I have several cameras I use from a Cannon T6i to a Cannon Camcorder RF800 and
even a gopro.

7. Are you a smoker or a drinker, if so whats your favorite drink and smoke homie??

I am a drinker I drink Henny but I am not a smoker.

8. Is this porn things a hobby or is it a full time job??? break it down

Porn I would say is more of a hobby at this point I am not at the level where I can quit my
Full time job and only do porn.

9. How often do you film???

I film about twice a month I have done more in a month but getting my time and the 
Models times to match up can be challenging.

10. On average what do you pay a model ??

Models pay depends on the scene. Not all have been paid the same.

11. Who is your favorite porn star, male and female??

My favorite porn star aka dream shoot would be Maseratixxx.

12. What is your favorite kind of scene to film???

Favorite kind of scene is a BJ scene I just really enjoy a good Bj and it seems to be very                  Hard to find.

13. Who do you look up to in the business if anybody???

I look up to in the business you, MikeDirty, Buddha Bang, even DSLFs he does great I look at the art you guys create you all have great original styles.

14. What do you want to accomplish in the business with your brand???

I would like to accomplish in the business more big men in porn. Also alot of Florida

15. What do you think about the state of the porn business today???

I think more people should just do their art. Because of social media alot of the backstage
Issues play out on social media and I wish it wouldn’t. If you want to be in drama skip porn Sign up for Love and HipHop.

16. Do you think that the tube sites are hurting or helping business??

Tube sites are a love hate thing. They help small producers like myself get noticed but as
You get bigger they cut into profit not only for the company but the model.

17. If you could describe your porn in one word, what would it be??

My porn in one word “Hood”

18. What is your favorite food?? Lol I ask because we both big dude man

Favorite food in a well cooked steak.

19. What girl in the business would you like to work with in the future??

Like I said model I would love to work with is Maseratixxx. If I ever get to work with her it
I may turn it into a trilogy.

20. Listen bro thanks for doing this interview, let the fans know how they can reach you, and where they can come and support your work, and shout out anyone you feel you want to shout out.

Thanks for talking with me Rick!. They can reach me at My
Videos can be found at  also on Manyvides Big Baby Media.