Q and A With  MR GAG U

First let me say this, respect to you my nigga lol, I love your style and how you get down. Mr gag u is a average dude from the streets of new york city that fucks a lot of the girls in the industry and gets them to do shit, they donít even do on film , like gagging , puking and some other other things you will have to see for yourself, you can see his videos up on twitter. So we put together some questions for the homie.

1. How long have you been fucking on these industry girls, how do you find them, and do you pay them to freak off with you?? And how old are you bro??

Mr Gag u - the 1st industry girl I ever fucked was Chyanne Jacobs in 2013. I emailed her girl Roxy Reynolds and asked if she was available for a meeting through (Eros guide). Roxy told me to give Chyanne a call and holla at her for myself!. I was so nervous to talk with her on the phone cause this was the girl I been watching and wanting to fuck in these porn videos! I called her and we set up a meeting and agreed on what her compensation would be. I have a good job so I can afford to play. When I arrived and she opened that door I was star struck looking at her like ď oíshit! itís really her!!Ē Damn she was looking good!. From there me and her established a beneficial friendship and she helped put me on

2. Who are some of the girls you have fucked around with that we might be familiar with ??? who do you like the best and why???

Mr Gag u - Chyanne Jacobs, Cherise Roze, Beauty dior, Brooklyn love (la Tina la lust), Show n tell, Nicki B (ghettogaggers), Layla red etc....I like Chyanne cause she can take anal, her and Nicki b. Show n tellís head is legendary and sheís so nasty! Luv it

3. What is your preference , when it comes to the girls, age wise, and ethnicity ??

Mr Gag u - I donít have a age or ethnicity preference but I do have a thing for Spanish chics lol and white chics that fuck with black dudes but basically I luv a nasty (sex wise) chic, no holds barred!

4. Whatís up with this gaging puke shit?? Is this your fetish, or just some shit your doing as shock value ???

Mr Gag u - lol I donít always do it but if the girl isnít against it then we might try it. Itís basically ghettogaggers without the disrespect of spitting, slapping or racist overtones that makes people uncomfortable. It doesnít bother me though lol to get messy at times. After doing it with Cherise Roze I was amazed at the response my post got, but only a few are really on that level of nastiness! Lol

5. Are you aspiring to get into the porn business or are you going to keep this as a hobby??

Mr Gag u - nah Iím leaving this to the professionals like u (rick nasty) big dawg. But with the contacts Iíve been making thereís always a possibility to go to the league (go pro) lol

6. Who has the best deepthroat out of all the girls ?? Best head, best pussy ? And keep it real bro

.Mr Gag u - best deepthroaters? Um I say Cherise Roze, thereís a white girl I got thatís no joke but sheíll remain nameless and thereís a new girl named Trina throat thatís no joke! She takes it all the way down and doesnít mind if she pukes! Show n tell head is legendary, slobs it down like what! Pussy wise? Alexaluxxx (check twitter) got some Oooooweee! Lol

7. What has been your best experience and your worse experience fucking around with these girls?? You do not have to name names lol

Mr Gag u - best experience is when me and the girls actually become friends beyond the business arrangement. Thereís times I chill with a girl for a whole weekend (fri-sun) and we donít even fuck! We just go to the movies, drink, smoke & watch tv, sleep etc. I might eat them out and thatís it lol. I still might giveím some money $ to help them out. I like establishing a relationship. The worst experience Iíve had is dealing with a particular amateur pornstar who looks so good (face/body) but has the worst attitude and fucks like a dead fish!!! Lol but believe it or not me and her still cool but I just donít fuck her or try to anymore. Iíve paid some of her friends for a scene so thatís our thing now she hooks me up with girls looking to make some money and Iím cool with that.

8.  What is your exact size bro?? No homo , I ask this question for the women that will be reading this??

Mr Gag u - lol itís cool. No homo Iím about 10í inches. I asked one of the girls to help measure lol

9. I heard a rumor that you are a retired transit worker that just fucks hoes all day lol, is this true??

Mr Gag u - lol nah Iím not retired and I didnít & donít work for transit but I do have a job that pays me about 100k a year and since Iím not married and have no kids...YOLO

10.  What kinda women are you attracted to ???

Mr Gag u - All of them!!!!! Lol seriously black, white, spanish but for some reason Iím not into Indian chics lol or real skinny Chinese chics

11. Is there anyone in porn that has inspired you to do what you do???

Mr Gag u - 4 sure! You (Rick nasty), B rich (dickdrainers) and the guy who does DSLAF even though he blocked me on Twitter for no reason lol, itís all good

12. What are your plans for the future ??

Mr Gag u - hopefully find a wife one day and settle down lol but until it to the fullest

13.  What is your favorite alcoholic beverage and weed to smoke??

Mr Gag u - Hennessy and I canít smoke because of my job but I have multiple puff puff connects if any of the girls wants some. I smoke cigars

Let us know how your fans, and other girls can find you my brother, and respect to you and your adventure on finding the deepest throat lol

Mr Gag u - Iím still humbled and honored that anyone follows my page but I can be found on Twitter @cratecrusada. Iím opening a clips4sale page and I can also be contacted a I wanna send a shoutout and big respect to Rick nasty! Since we met on Twitter the bruv showed me nothing but luv! Salute bro and thanks again for this interview! Sincerely yours Mr Gag u