Today we going to talk to that sexy thick white girl that was tearing the porn game up on the amateur side, her energy and sex drive was like nothing we ever seen before, she fucked and sucked like a wild animal, and I mean that in a good way, she was on her way to bigger and better things, and then, she was gone, almost over night. But today we will find out why she fell back from the business and what shes doing with her life now. I have had the pleasure of talking to her before the interview, so some of the question I already know the answer to, but for you the reader, those questions will be posed again.

1. Hazel , thank you for doing this interview with me, much appreciated babe. Lets start by asking where are you from, and how did you first get into the business, and what year was that??

   Im from Long Island. I first got into the business about 5 years ago when i started postings videos on tumblr.

2. What is it that made you want to get into the business and where did your high sex drive come from??? and was it all about the money??

  Lol well im bipolar so hyper sexuality kinda comes with that... and idk i just love sex its not all about the money

3. As a white girl in the amateur porn business, what was your goal and do you only like black guys???

  I honestly didnt really have a goal, except to pay bills which i did... i was doing it for fun

4. There was a rumor that you use to do drugs before your shoots, that is why your energy was so up, is there any truth to that???

  So even though i used to do drugs (coke & crack ) , before a shoot was one time i always made sure i was sober,  drugs can dry me up lol i just get hyper knowing im about to get fucked good.

5. What is the most money you made in the business at one time???

   When i was escorting i think i made like $1300 one night

6. I know we spoke before the interview, and you told me that you was attracted and addicted to the attention, ? Break that down for me babe.

   I felt like i was invisible if i wasnt constantly getting notifications on twitter and snapchat...

7. What was the best part of being in the business other than the attention, and what was the worse part??

Besides the attention the money was great and all the good dick i was getting

8. What was the best experience you had in the business and the worse experience ??

  The best was probably the gangbang we shot together.  The worst was ending up with men who beat me

9.  Since you liked to fuck, and fuck hard lol, tell us your top 5 male actors you worked with, and tell us 1 actor you wish you did get to work with but didn’t???

   I havent worked with anyone famous except for the gangbang we did and idek their names.  Id love to work with Charlie Macc even tho he’s retired and Wesley Pipes

10. Did you ever get or feel any hate from other girls in the business, specifically the black ones?? If so why do you think that was??

   i only ever had one bitch hate .. the rest were cool af, miss them tbh

11. I know you had your own onlyfans page at one point, looks like you was building your own website or leading to that!!! how was it working with guys for you onlyfans page?? Did you have to pay the guys??

   i pretty much only filmed with one guy... i didnt pay him

12. What is the most freakiest thing you ever did on and off film

   Ive been pissed on and had a gun put to my head

13. What is something you wish you never did on film?? And please be honest

   I dont regret a thing

14. Now lets get a little nasty, what gets your pussy wet?? Whats your favorite position?? And do you love to suck dick and balls???

   I love being choked, pretty much to the point i almost pass out, being slapped, tied down, and more than one dick at a time.. i love to take backshots and i like to ride... and yes i will fit both balls in my mouth

15. I noticed that you like to eat ass in your videos, is that something you liked to do or was it just for videos, and how did that start??

   I love to please so yes i eat ass even off camera

16. Do you consider yourself to be submissive, if so have you ever had a master, and how was that experience??

  Im extremely submissive but that varies based on who im fucking.  Ive had 2 masters and i loved both of them.  They were just shitty people unfortunately and the relationship eventually ended

17. Do you prefer ruff sex, being made love to, or fucked regular???

  Rough sex, i never made love

18. Why you never did anal?? Do you do it in your personal life??

Ive done anal, i dont enjoy it

19. I see that you got creampied often, is that your preference when fucking???

yes creampies are my favorite.  I lobe watching it ooze out and feeling how warm it is

20. Swallow, spit, or facial??

swallow, anything else is a waste of nut

21. Now, tell us what made you get out the business ?? And are you staying out for good??

I feel like i can do more with my life and yed im probably out for good.  Unless i meet a man who i can date but we also make video together

22. Has anyone offered to get you back in the business ??

  No lol i lost contact with almost everyone

23. At anytime did you consider yourself a hoe or a thot??

Im a hoe at heart lol and probably always will be

24. When did you know it was time to leave the business??

  I just knew , it was a feeling because it stopped being fun

25. Who did you look up to in the business and respect?? Who inspired you .

Amber rose was always an inspiration to me because she embraces the term “hoe” and embraces her sexuality. 

Well hazel I appreciate you taking the time out to vibe with us, personally I hope you come back to the business lol.