Q and A With Jade Jordan

This girl right here is on fuckin fire , real shit Ms Jade Jordan has come on to the amateur porn scene and taken it by storm, shes a nice thick , big booty bbw that has her own thing going on. She does most of her films with her husband, and they produce a nice fuckin product. So I wanted to do a phone interview with her, but I had so much shit going on, I felt it was better to do a write up.

1. Ms jade jordan, thanks for doing this interview, and again I apologize for the delay, so lets get into it. Where are you from, how did you get into the business???

I started uploading content to Pornhub 3 years ago, recording on my Galaxy S4. A few months later, from Nov 2014-Sep 2015, I bought my first DSLR: Cannon 70D.  Since then I have acquired more camera gear and continue to improve my quality regularly. I uploaded exclusive content to Pornhub and that's how I got a large following.  I literally saw an ad for Pornhub's model program with my husband, and we decided to join. I'm from L.A.

2. Where you nervous the first time you got in front of the camera ? And who did you work with?

My first upload was with my husband. We had already recorded some shit to send to one another. We were living in two different states, so all the stuff I was doing that was super freaky, I would share with him. We started to upload stuff that we sexted one another back and forth to see how well it would be received. Once that happened, we just kept going. We are always thinking of the next best time that will set us apart from others.

3. I see that you have a pornhub page, and your videos have great fucking action and a lot of views, do you get paid for that content??

Yessir, it pays my rent.

4. What inspires some of your crazy titled videos lol???

Getting video views is what inspires me. In addition to that, I love to roleplay. I have always had a crazy imagination, since I was a kid.

5. What drives you to keep producing material???

Making money from the comfort of my home and planning for the future is what motivates me. In an ideal situation, I would use "porn money" to invest in the business I want to own later down the line.

6. I see you and your husband have a great connection on film, are you guys this freaky in your private life, or is this just for film???
We are even more freaky off camera. The lights and recording equipment are distracting.

7.  What video did you have the most fun doing???

There is a video with three parts where I'm mooning people outside at a local park; I love that one the most.

8. I see that you like getting creampied, do you prefer that or is that just for film??

I prefer creampies. It's hot, nasty and personal. I like every guy I fuck to feel like we are married. You put in your all, and be sensual with me, and I will take care of you. Don't just jam me with your dick. I don't like rough shit, unless you have warmed me up first and I feel your loving energy.

9. Do you view this as just a business for you or are you trying to take it further???

I don't view what I do in any one particular way; it's all a general experience for me.

10. I love the look of your films, what kind of cameras do you use??

I use the 70D and 80D from Canon.

11. I'm sure other producers have hit you up about working for them. Is that something you're  interested in doing. If so, why haven't you, and if you do , what are the requirements ???

I'm interested; I just like to do things if and when they feel right. If anyone is interested to book me, they can email me and discuss pricing and requirements:

12. Who is your favorite porn star?? Male and female

I don't have any. But I can name people that I know of/ have enjoyed watching.

13. I see that you just started doing anal on film (yes) , what took you so fucking long lol??

That shit hurts like fuck; that is why.

14. What is your favorite sex act???

Making passionate love to my husband, just us two, off camera and in the comfort of my home. We get really nasty. Sometimes we take it slow, other times we go harder. But I enjoy sensual sex, as well as "rough fucking." Depending on what mood I am in, we may be in 69 position, giving or getting head, upside down fucking, from the side etc.
15. Are you and your husband in a open relationship??? Because I want you, just fucking with you lol , nah but I'm serious

No, we aren't, but we still fuck other people.

16. Are there any producers or companies you would like to work with ???

Brazzers/ Plumperpass/ Exploited Black Teens/ Black GF

17. Ms Jordan, what is your favorite position??


18. Do you consider yourself a freak?? And what is the freakiest thing you ever did on and off camera??

Yeah, I'm a whore. The freakiest thing off camera is take a creampie from my "nephew" then my husband. Also, next in line is when I ate my Ex's ass and came back home and kissed my husband. On camera, it would be that threesome I did with my husband and Jake Matthews.

19. Have you felt any hate from other people in the business , since you been on the scene??

People are always talking. Maybe they are talking about me, maybe they aren't. All I want to do is make money and have a better life. Fuck the negativity!

20. Whats the best part of the business and whats the worse part??

Not sure honestly, I don't pay that close attention. I'm just here to work from home, occasionally fuck other people, make money and be creative.

21. Have you ever had a stalker, if so how did you handle that??

My mom; I just call the cops.

22. Outside of porn, what do you do?? Or do you guys just fuck all day lol

We LITERALLY just fuck all day.

23. Do you like getting your ass ate, or eating ass more???

I LOVE to eat ass and have my ass eaten.

24. Whats next for the jade jordan brand????

4K Content is the next move.

25. Let us know all the ways people can connect with you and view your material

FAPNORMOUS.COM has all my links; go there niggas.

26. And what would you say to another girl trying to get in the business, especially a bbw?

As soon as you feel like giving up, smack yourself. Literally, smack yourself and keep trying. Don't stop until you are shitting on the "you" from last year. You are only in competition with your self. Also, join Pornhub's model program; it's an easy place for ANYONE to start.

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