Q and A With G Rando

Today we talk to the brother G Rando from jant ent,, I met G Rando up on twitter and we vibe on and off about the business. He shoots mostly latina’s because I think he lives in Latina America. I wanted to interview him because I like his content, its raw, gritty , and exactly what amateur porn is all about. So lets talk to a amateur porn producer from another country and see how they do it.

1. G Rando, thanks for doing this interview man, I really appreciate it. First please explain to the people, what the hell jant means, where are you from , your age, how long have you been in the business, and what is your nationality???

A: Thanks a lot to you bruh , i used to call my store Lascivia which means sexual desiree , then i have to change it because people think about another brand ( also called that way ) then Jant comes which simply was my name when i use to freestyle on rap battles ( yeah ) . Im from Argentina , 27 and this will be the third year im on this .

2. I see that you only film latina’s is that what your company is all about, or will you feature girls of all colors???

A: I shoot latinas only  because im living in here, but the chance of having more races is always on my mind.

3. Since you have been in the business, what have you found to be the most difficult part, meaning is it finding girls, finding a good male actor, or making money off the content you film?

A: Uh men , the hardest part ? Yes, the girls . Im living in a country where porn still a taboo and theres actually no big-names company . Most of the girls can have their clothes off for money no problem . But sucking dick and get fucked in the ass on camera to be showed around the globe ? Thats hard to accept in here .

4. I see that you mostly shoot bbw , (big girls) , is that on purpose or are those the only girls you can find that want to film??

A: Intended of course , i love big woman and huge asses.

5. How much do you pay per scene??

Its depends on model and what they re willing to do .

6. What kind of camera do you use??

A. Nikon 3400

7. What is the average age of the girls you shoot???

A. 20s . Big Betty was the only milf .

8. What are your short term goals in the business??

A: Being as great as Rick Nasty lol , as for long have a well knowed name not only in porn business .

9. What is the best girl you have filmed with so far and why??

A: All of them are priceless. But i have to say Ruby , she was in this thing since the first day. We re very good friends from a long time , and the energy and innocence she has on scene are great.

10. What is your favorite kind of scene to film??

A: Pure raw natural fucking .

11. If you had to describe your kind of porn in one word, what would it be???

A: Life

12. How many scenes you say you have filmed so far??

A: Almost 20 scenes

13. What is your favorite food??

A: Argetinian milanesas, you need to try it homie .

14. What is your favorite alcoholic drink and favorite weed to smoke??

A: Not on alcohol at all , and smoke only ocasionally .

15. Since you don’t live in America, what does the porn scene look like over there in your country? Do you guys get the girls tested for diseases, do they have to show you there i.d , do they have to sign a model release ??? Please let us know

Yes , we need to test ourselves old fashioned way. And that means each of one going to the medical center and goes to the process . Theres not any Talent Testing in here =(.  Then ID on set for the other counterpart knows about the state and also a Model Release form made by me . But thats it.

16. Is porn the only think you do, or do you have a regular job as well???

A: I wish , also have a regular job.

17. Who is your favorite porn star???

A: Sara Jay , the fucking legend .

18. Who in the business do you look up to or admire??

A: I grew up with Bangbros scenes as so they were , maaaaany years ago , not in the amateur game of course but for every porn lover they re worth to mention.

19. Is there anyone you would like to mention in the business that you respect??

A:  First of all and for making amateur producers be in the map. Then the homie from FreakMob for good advices , Porsche Dali fo being such a great person , and of course all the talents i have worked with till now because they re in this now and last but not least homie Rick , for great advices and being a inspiration too.

20. Please tell the fans how they can support your work, give us your social media , twitter, instagram etc..

A: They can find all the scenes on my clipstore : , also getting a suscription in my site . And follow the twitter :  @jantlatinasxxx and now im on IG : @jantlatinas

thanks for the interview bro, much respect.

Thanks to you !