Q and A With Ms Macchiato

This girl is one of the baddest bbw’s in the game right now, shes sexy, pretty, and has some nice sexy ass freckles. She is a 2018 Avn nominee, I met her up on twitter, and I respect her grind, so lets learn more about Ms Macchiato.

1.Sis whats good, thanks for doing the interview, I appreciate it. So lets get into it, first, please tell me what the hell does Macchiato mean??? where are you from, How long have you been in the business, how did you get into the business???

No problem! Thank you for asking me to do the interview.
Well, Macchiato is a name that real coffee lovers will understand... I'm a Starbucks junkie.. and Caramel or Mocha Macchiato is one of my go to drinks. You see, a Macchiato in my opinion is better than an average cup of coffee... And “Macchiato BBW” is as well ;-)
I'm from Irmo, SC born and raised-- official Southern Belle.  I grew up in a very religious family, with both parents, in a good neighborhood and attended the best schools. 
I've been in the business since June of 2016.  I got into the business pretty easily actually.. I personally feel like I've always been a star. Anybody who knows me in real life can vouch for that, lol. So one day I decided that it was time to let everyone else know what I had known almost 2 decades. I had reached a point in my life where I was comfortable in my own skin, and mature enough to no longer care about what other people would think of me for being in the adult industry, which is what held me back from getting into it sooner.. but everything happens the way it should.
So I created a Twitter profile and started following some of my favorite Adult Film Stars. I'm an observer.  I pay very close attention to whats going on all around me all the time.  Anyway, I was on Twitter watching for about 6 months before I ever posted anything. Finally I started posting pictures and making interactions with a few people. I was living in Charlotte at the time and ended up meeting up with BBW SEX SYMBOLS on Twitter. They taught me a lot about how things worked in the industry, did a few photo shoots, and from there its pretty much history. When BBW HIGHWAY contacted me about shooting my first video, I gladly accepted the offer.  After that, I kind of blew up over night lol.. and here we are!

2.Congrats on the avn nominee, please tell us the categories you are nominated in?? And good luck

Thank you very much! It was definitely a pleasant surprise when I found out I had been nominated. I was nominated in the “Favorite BBW Performer” category. The AVN winners were just announced a few days ago. I did not win, but honestly just being nominated after being in the industry for less than 2 years was enough for me. I am still very honored, and I congratulate all the winners of the 2018 AVN awards.

3. So , I see your content, and it is tight, are you the main producer of your stuff, or is someone else in charge of that??

I am the main producer of the majority my content. However, I do work closely with other producers as far as filming. I have mad love for everyone that I've had the pleasure of working with and I look forward to whats coming in 2018.

4. Is porn your only job, or is it just a hobby for now??

Porn is not my only job.  If you follow my work closely, you'll see that I sometimes reference myself as a “corporate slut” well, its true. I still work in Corporate America for now.  Porn money is cool, but I'm a single mother of 3 with major responsibilities and porn hasn't gotten me to the point where I can stop working.. Not saying that it wont, but its a process.. Plus it doesn't offer any health benefits or 401k, ya know? So I guess it is more like a hobby.

5. Since you have been in the business, what are some of the things you have noticed that you don’t like, and what are the things you do like??

I don't like how there is still a common misconception that a female that does porn is a “hoe” or has low self esteem, daddy issues, or some other crazy issue.  Like really? That may be the case for some... but like myself, doing porn is completely optional. I'm well educated and understand the real earning potential in the industry. Yes its fun, but its also business.  A lot of fans don't understand that... they feel as if they're entitled to approach or address us side ways, and from what I hear, some producers don't understand a female with a business mentality either. That is why up until this day, I have only done business with a handful of people.. I'm not blaming either side, because people will only do what a female/ male talent allow them to do.  I encourage all talent, (especially female) to know their worth... and have a clear understanding of there reason for being in the industry.
What I do like is how more talent are becoming independent and producing their own content. Lets face it, the industry is constantly changing so we have to do the same.  I like to see so many models taking advantage of Model Centro, Manyvids, IwanClips, OnlyFans etc.

6. What is your favorite kind of scene to film or be in, group sex , boy / girl , or girl on girl ??and why??

My favorite kind of scene to film would be boy/ girl.. I love sex and I love sex on cam just as much.  I take more of a personal / realistic approach in my films. Meaning, the way you see me in my movies is the way I would be if it were just me and the guy in my bedroom.  Of course there is some acting involved as far as how to play to the cam, but for the most part my scenes are as realistic as they can be on my part. 
I recently filmed my first girl on girl scene and I have to admit, I liked it a lot. I will definitely do more girl on girl this year.

7. What gets you going sexually, and do you prefer girls or guys and why??

What gets me going sexually is a guy or a girl that can stimulate my mind. The older I get, I'm noticing a slight change in what genuinely turns me on. I mean alcohol works... Lmao, but that's more of a situational turn on than it is a genuine turn on.. For example, My most recent girl on girl scene with SelahRainXXX was one of the hottest sexiest scenes I've ever done! (cant wait to release that) We ended up at a Lake House in Atlanta together on a shoot that weekend. She is super sexy and she gets what she wants, and she wanted me! Selah walked up to me and whispered in my ear, “ I'm gonna lick your pussy later today” I was completely surprised and I'm sure my face was several shades of red, Lol. But that's all I'm going to say about that, You guys will have to wait til I release the scene to see how that turned out.
So back to your question.. I prefer both girls and guys. I get different things from both. The guys fuck me in a way that only guys can, I'm a dominant female in my every day life, not necessarily by choice.. but because I have to be. I'm used to taking control of everyday life situations on my own, and calling all the shots.  So although I'm not exactly 100% submissive, I do enjoy letting a man take control during sex, on and off cam.
On the other hand, girls bring a softer more feminine side, or sometimes an equally nasty side to the scene in a way that only girls can. Also, I just simply love beautiful women.

8. What is your favorite sexual act??

My favorite sexual act is sucking dick.  I love sucking!! I have my own way of sucking dick... for me, its all about the guy and what he enjoys. When I'm giving head, I'm completely locked into the guy and paying very close attention to his reactions. Every guy is different.. you can have a room full of 10 guys who all love head, but they love it 10 different ways. Not all guys like the skin sucked off there dicks, or for their balls to be covered in spit puddles. Some like it gentle, others like it rough, etc. So my thing is to figure out exactly what he likes and do just that. No 2 blow jobs should ever be exactly the same. That's just my take on it and that's why it never gets old to me.

9. Tell us how do you prepare for a scene???

I prepare for a scene by finding my happy place. What I mean by that is, I want to be completely at peace and in the best possible state of mind before my scene. I listen to music, I use my favorite soap, lotions, etc. and do hair and makeup.  I believe its very important to feel, smell, and look your best when making magic on film. You would think that would be the norm, especially in sex work... but sometimes its not.

10. How many scenes have you starred in??

I've starred in 31 scenes, I own 28 of them and the other 3 are on BBW HIGHWAY.

11. Top 5 male actors you have filmed with and why??

I have enjoyed all the male actors I've worked with and all for different reasons. I will try to name top 5 since you asked... Lol 1). DonXXXPrince - Don is a one of a kind guy. He is genuine and very down to earth. His work speaks for itself... He will fuck the holly shit out of you!!!! He has been very influential to my success in this industry. 2). LudusAdonis - Adonis is a real sweetheart, and he is certainly easy on the eyes. His personality is amazing, he's quite the charmer, and has a way of making a woman feel very beautiful. We all love Ludus Adonis. 3). ShaundamXXX - Shaundam was a real treat.. Its really hot in Vegas and that's okay because Shaundam was cool as as fan, Lol. The Backyard Oil Wrestling scene that I did with him and 70Screw was epic.  I like the way his mind works, and I cant wait to collab with him again in the future. 4). MrNuttz Productions - MrNuttz is another amazing male talent that has been very influential to me. He has a wealth of knowledge and is really about the business and networking. I plan to do a lot more with MrNuttz and MrNuttz Productions in the near future. Last but certainly not least, 5). JohnnyDizzick - I met Johnny at a shoot in Philly.. He was real cool and laid back. Our scene “Fuck Me” is not only a fan favorite, but it is one of mine as well. The way he looked me in my eyes......... Mmmmmmmmmhmmmm

12. Top 5 females you have filmed with??

Again with the females, I've had nothing but good experiences. 1). Marley Moore - I fuckin love Marley. Period! 2). Pink Kandi - I had a really good time working with Pink Kandi in a scene with Red Zilla and will gladly do it all again. 3). Gianna Love - I did a fetish scene with Gianna and she is an amazing talent to work with. We have another fetish film planned for this year. 4). Damaris Rivera - The scene I did with Damaris is another epic scene! Damaris is such a sexy talent and it was an honor working with her.  Last but not least, 5). SelahRainXXX - Look, Selah was my first full girl on girl/ interracial scene. She stole my heart!!! Lol.
I'm very lucky to have worked with such amazing talents, both male and female. I appreciate them all!

13. Who is your favorite position??

My favorite position...... Face down Ass up... and I also like to ride.

14. Swallow , spit or facial??

Do you even have to ask? Lol, Facials all day every day. I love cum on my face.

15. Have you done anal yet???

I have not done anal on cam yet, but I will soon.

16. Who would you like to work with that you have yet to???

I have a long list of people that I'd like to work with.. I was very close to getting a shoot with Richard Mann in December on my Birthday, but I had a last minute childcare issue that couldn't be worked out so I had to cancel. I'm still crying inside about that one but things are looking up as far another chance with him :-)
A few more on my list are King Noire, Moe The Monster, Macana Man, John Long, Prince Yahshua, Kenya Sweetz, Busty Cookie, Nikki Lately and many many many more! My list includes people that either don't work with, or don't usually work with BBW's... so we'll see what happens.

17. Favorite porn star, male and female??

Sean Michaels sexy chocolate ass and Cherokee, just to name two.

18. Does size matter to you?? Explain

In my personal life, size doesn't matter to much at all. I've had guys with huge dicks that didn't have a clue what to do with it, and guys with really small dicks that blew my mind.
On cam, I believe it does matter. Not necessarily to me but to the buyers. I've gotten a lot of feedback about certain scenes where my fans felt like the male talent didn't measure up.  *sips tea..... Lol

19. As one of the top bbw performers in the business, do you think you guys get treated like other models when it comes to the money??

Well thank you for calling me one of the top Bbw performers, I appreciate that. To answer your question, No I don't  think we get treated like other models when it comes to money. We are treated differently in many ways, but its a part of the game. You have to learn to either deal with it, or make moves around it to get what you want.

20. Since you have been in the business, have you had any other female models hate on you??

I'm sure I've had other female models hate on me since I've been in the business.. They don't understand how I do what I do... But I don't feed into any of it, I literally have more important things to be concerned about.

21. What is the nastiest thing you have seen on a porn set? please be honest lol

I saw a female shoot with a guy and didn't shower after the shoot. Woke up the next day and continued like everything was all good, still without showering. She had a very noticeable body odor and everyone there picked up on it but nobody wanted to hurt her feelings by telling her she stinks.  After making everyone suffer all day, She finally showered before her next scheduled scene later that evening. Smh............

22. What would you say separates you from other bbw’s in the business??

What separates me from other BBW's in the business I believe is my character, and maybe my drive.  I believe in being myself all the time, and treating people the way I would want to be treated.  Nobody's perfect, but I try to see the good in everyone, until they prove otherwise. I generally get along with everyone, I don't click up with certain groups. I'm the one that's cool with everybody... I'm not going to stop dealing with a person just because 1 person or a lot of different people don't like them. That's middle school behavior.  I stay in my lane, and that is doing what I like, and not being concerned about what others are doing or whether or not they approve. I promote the hell out of my work and I keep my focus what I'm here for.

23. What is the best scene you have ever been in, in your opinion??

That's really hard to answer because I enjoyed them all... but the one that really set everything in motion was the very first scene that I did with Don XXX Prince for BBW HIGHWAY.

24. What projects do you have coming up that we should be on the look out for??

Definitely be on the lookout for my first meeting with Richard Mann. We have talked about it a few times and I can guarantee you, it will be phenomenal. Also look out for up coming projects with MrNuttz Productions. That will be very exciting.

25. What do you think about the current state of amateur porn??

The current state of amateur porn is on the rise.  Amateur talent and producers are stepping their games up, upgrading lighting and equipment, and are really getting in position to make some major moves.

26. What would you say to another bbw trying to get in the business right now?? Please let the fans know where they can find your work, how we can support and contact you?? Again, thanks for the time, and much success to you . Stay sexy mama.
I would tell another BBW trying to get in the business right now, to do your research. Find your niche, whether its, hardcore, soft core, fetish, web camimng or whatever... Know exactly what it is you expect to gain. Ask questions. There is no need to make the same mistakes that have been made over and over again. If you ask a model that inst friendly or doesn't want to answer, find one who will. Be persistent. Believe in yourself. Be safe and have fun!
Fans can find my work on, as well as You can keep up with me every day as well as view clips of my scenes on Twitter @MacchiatBbw and you can also follow me on Instagram @macchiatobbw.  I can be contacted at , if you would like to buy my videos directly from me through email.
It has been a pleasure doing this interview and I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all.

Thank you,

Macchiato BBW