Q and A With Ty from black star xxx

Met the homie Ty up on twitter, he is the brother running this up and coming porn company black star xxx. On his twitter profile , it says florida, but when I spoke to homie, I found out hes originally from NYC like myself, so you know I had to hit him with a few questions and show love. So here is how that went.

1. First respect to you and your movement bro, I see you out here grinding and getting the movement moving, and I respect that shit. So lets get into it, tell us where you from, and how did you get into the business???

Now you know real Porn started in NYC and being a Harlem nigga I had to put my foot in the door and my dick up in the Bitch.

2. What made you want to stay in the porn business, and do you remember your first shoot, and how was it??

I actually shoot my first scene in 2007, and I was more nervous then the chic but I stuck with it for about a year until I lost the Passion due to shady niggas in the game.

3. Do you perform in your own movies?? If so what do you like better, fucking the models or being behind the camera, let me know.

Well I prefer to be behind the camera but in this day and age male talent is not as plentiful as 10 years ago and dealing getting male and female together on set time and date is ridiculous, so I put my own work in sometimes.

4. Is porn the only thing you do?? And what kinda camera do you use??

Naw homie porn ain't paying the bills yet so I do me, but I ain't Gonna elaborate on that, as far as what I shoot with I don't any producer gonna answer that one jack!!!

5. Is your company a one man thing, or do you have partners??

I always been a self-made nigga from day one if I drive it I own it, blame it on HARLEM if that answer your question.

6. Now when it comes to dealing with female talent, what is the most difficult part that comes to mind??

When it comes to female talent I come across those that are not camera ready,  not currently tested and un-prepared, or the DIVA type that feel like they doing you a favor, but I shut that down when I pull that gwap out and ask "WE SHOOTING OR NOT"

7.  Tell us what is the best experience and worse experience you have had in the business???

My best experience was working with MONE DIVINE and BLEU MARINA both were camera ready and gave me the content I needed without any problems, as far as worst I won't say any names but let's just say I made a female talent feel like I wanted to shoot her more then she wanted her rate of pay, so the scene wasn't as good as it could have been.

8. Have you experienced any hate in the business?? If so break it down, no names needed.

With anything black-owned and Independent th ere will be some level of animosity,  but I haven't experienced any direct hate.

9. Out of all the girls, which girl you filmed that stood out to you the most and why??

I'm partial to Bleu Marina, her mixture or freakyness and Professionalism is what I liked about shooting with her,  and of course that 5'7"  190lbs stallion frame.

10. Nigga, whats your favorite alcoholic drink, and what is your favorite type of weed homie??

I'm not much of a drinker or stoner.

11. Also , what girls do you want to work with in the future?? And what is your favorite type of scene to film??

At the moment I'm sticking to freaky open-minded thick women race is un-important to me as long as the ass is phat and waist small

12. Was the porn business everything you thought it would be??

In 10 years the only that has changed is the money isn't as plentiful among amatuer companies, and the people do way more pillow-talking but I stay working and let my content speak for me.

13. Who inspires you in the business ? And what keeps you on your grind???

I was inspired by the big homie Kevin Kash of DCcherry and BIG O out of DC, hmmm what keeps me grinding of course the fans, but the goal is to achieve greatness and respect from my peers in this industry Honestly.

14. What is the most you ever paid a model and why?

I ain't about to answer that.

15. What can we expect from black star xxx in the future??

More Interracial, more CUM dripping pussy and ass, imma push the limits this year I'm shooting DP's, Gangbangs, blowbangs, NO MORE BASIC FEMALE TALENT.

16. Let us know all the ways we can support your content, and let us know how fans can reach out to you.

Thanks for going the interview homie, much respect and keep doing your thing.

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